Dutta Kannan Architects is a multi-disciplinary architectural & Interior design practice established in 1984 by SK Dutta. In 1999 the firm was renamed Dutta Kannan Architects with studios in Bangalore & Kolkata. Their holistic approach to Architecture includes full interior design & planning services. Dutta Kannan Architects 's design process starts with the careful consideration of program and site as part of the overall matrix for generation of ideas. The works are informed by the cultural and climatic nuances of its context and seeks to capture the spiritual essence of 'place'. The designs strive for identity, tranquility and calmness qualified by space, light and structural order.

Chowriappa Constellation has been carefully design by Dutta Kannan Architects keeping in mind sustainability, local materials, use of solar PV cells, solar water heating, rain water harvesting & recycling of grey water for landscape. A built environment with lots of natural light, ventilation & free of toxins means happy occupants!

Dutta Kannan Architects’s design of Chowriappa Constellation results in:

  • “One Apartment Per Floor” unique design concept that allows maximum light, ventilation and air
  • No Common/Shared walls which translates to unlimited privacy